Vivo Y50 Review – Detailed Review, Camera Quality & Game Test

Vivo launched a new phone called  Vivo Y50 Decent phone with the major flaw, let’s dive into the article Unboxing the box, inside are documents, sim ejector tool USB type C data cable Charger brick, unfortunately, it’s not a fast charger, Fortunately, they have included a clear top case inside itself We can’t expect much quality, but hey it’s free So this is Vivo Y50! It is Iris blue colour.

it has one other Pearl white colour option. The design in the back look like the light rays radially emerges to the camera With polycarbonate body, the build quality is decent Its weight is 197 gram. The phone feels comfortable in the hand Power and volume keys are in the right side of the phone At the bottom there is the charger port, headphone jack and the single bottom-firing speakers Even though it’s a single speaker the sound quality is pretty good You can check it out for yourself.

The left side is it sim tray. It has a dual sim card and dedicated microSD slot The screen is full HD plus display, Aspect ratio is 19.5:9 It has slight Chin at the bottom but the bezels around it are very slim Overall the screen to body ratio is 90.7% The phone has a decent screen I will boot it up and set it up for the first time To unlock the fingerprint sensor is in its backside Additionally.

I will enable the face to unlock also Both are not as snappy as I thought, there is a slight delay but it’s not a deal-breaker The phone software is fun touch OS based on Android 10 The phone comes with unwanted prebuilt bloatware Hardware, the processor is…sighs… Snapdragon 665 I will say this is its biggest deal breaker The Poco X2 which is available for the same price comes with Snapdragon 730G processor The GPU is also an old Adreno 610 Game playing experiences are good The screen is only 60 hertz refresh rate so it doesn’t give too much of load to the processor A good thing in this is they have given 8GB RAM So multitasking can be done in a breeze If you look at the storage it has 128 GB It’s more than enough for an average user if you want extra there is a dedicated MicroSD card slot Another plus is it has 5000 mAh battery Even with heavy usage it last lasts till the day end If you look at the camera it has four camera setup 13MP primary,

8MP wideangle, 2MP for portrait and 2 MP for macro photography

In the front it has 16 MP for taking selfies The camera app has lots of functions We will detail check everything of it First to check the dynamic range of it I’ll take a backlit photo Pic taken from primary camera has good dynamic range and a good contrast ratio But by taking the same scene by the wide angle camera we can see the drop in quality and colour shift clearly In normal lit condition also gives the same result Colours are vibrant and pic are detailed Taking a pic of my pet coco it correctly recognised the screen that it’s a dog Also checking the telephoto cam taking a 2x zoom pic,

the quality didn’t degrade This is the comparison of all the zoom range In the bokeh effect it did the edge detection very well and the subject isolation was spot on In the pic taken in portrait mode the skin smoothning was good Pics taken with the 2X zoom was very pleasing Pics taken with the selfie camera was also good The Fake blur got in bokeh mode also looks natural Even in the pic taken at night the noise level was low Even though the Macro camera in this is only 2 megapixel the quality is very good I loved the panorama shot taken in this Coming to video, we can take 4K at 30 frames per second Even though it’s shaky, it’s crisp, Same goes to ultrawide Taking time lapse was easy The slow motion was a let down We can 480p only at 120 frames per second and the video is also not that clear But the worst thing is the night mode From the original pic it is only increasing noise and giving an output Most of the time the pic didn’t even get focused Don’t bother taking pic in this mode Last is it pricing. Vivo currently sells this phone at Rs.17990 To summarize, its positive are it has lots of Ram, lots of storage


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